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Under Armour’s Splattered Flag Uniform Design Controversy

Since 2009, Baltimore-based Under Amour has been creating special football uniforms to honor and benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. This year, the uniforms that Northwestern University’s team will wear on Nov. 16 sparked controversy because, critics say, the design appears to splatter the helmet, gloves and cleats with streaks of blood. Others are offended by […]

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Racist Sport Logos in Context

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) recently unveiled a poster framing the context of how degrading, insulting and racist using American Indian images such as that of the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins really is. For decades, sport franchises have allowed caricatures of  American Indians to dominate branding, marketing and even game-time fan participation […]

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A New Spin Updates the “Handicapped” Icon

Originally designed in 1968, the International Symbol of Access (ISA) was a milestone in ADA history. It has since become a commonplace indicator of public environments where barriers such as steps and curbs have been removed, and as wayfinding signage for alternative routes in/out of facilities. But the sterile, passive two-dimensional representation of “the handicapped” […]

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