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A Train Wreck for the NBA

A Train Wreck for the NBA

The National Basketball Association unveiled its logo for the 2015 All Star game today. The event, to be held Feb. 15, 2015 at Madison Square Garden, will be co-hosted by the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

Playing off of New York’s iconic subway signage standards, the All-Star logo includes BKN and NYK as “station names,” and 2015 somewhat cleverly displayed in discs like various subway lines. But the proto-map on the right leaves an awkward negative space  in the center of the design and the text alignment is, well, non-existent. Check out the second image in the gallery for my reworked version with alterations.

Let’s just hope this is a draft. The NBA has six months to clean up this mess of a train wreck.

Check out the original New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual at http://thestandardsmanual.com/