After years of rowing, cycling, and swimming, I needed a chiropractor. And Dr. Joe Henderson was a chiropractor that, after years of helping other people achieve better alignment, decided that his logo needed to get in line with his professional services.

Dr. Joe (aka chirojoe) is well-versed in natural, conservative methods of healing, employing a diversified approach to musculoskeletal health that includes chiropractic adjustments, soft-tissue techniques, exercise and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on wellness and pro-active prevention of injury and the onset of degenerative conditions.

He’ll tell you to take a big breath, then take your head in his hands and twist your neck in that way that – for just a second – you think: “Holy crap!” And then you’re relieved and feeling silly that you were ever concerned because now that nagging pain in your neck has subsided.

Joe’s a professional. Sport Creative provided a brand refresh for chirojoe with an updated logo, business cards, and a website that includes on-line appointment booking.