For people and organizations the prospect of an upcoming “big anniversary” tends to get a fire started when it comes to big ideas and goals. DC Strokes Rowing Club, in celebrating its 20th anniversary, decided it was time to shed its well-worn public image and update its brand identity for a new era.

Founded in 1991, DC Strokes held the conviction that LGBT rowers can be formidable athletes and competitors, and aspired to create a safe and supportive environment for LGBT rowers and their allies.

With this mission in mind, Sport Creative developed a new logo and overall brand identity for the DC Strokes. One that harkened back to classic rowing club logos, while also recognizing the unique demographic of athletes who were members of the club. The pink triangles have always adorned the club’s oar blades, a nod to LGBT protests of the 1970s that adopted the symbol.

The logo has been adopted across all platforms, including web, social media, print marketing materials, team uniforms, and boat decals.