To celebrate its 30th anniversary, MidAtlantic Erg Sprints called on Sport Creative to develop and launch a new website with lots of appeal for its largest demographic – scholastic athletes.

Hosted by the Alexandria Crew Boosters Club at TC Williams High School in Alexandria, VA, the Erg Sprints is the largest indoor rowing event for juniors in the United States and the largest satellite qualifying event for the World Indoor Rowing Championships (C.R.A.S.H.-Bs) which is held in Boston. First held in 1986, the event has grown to accommodate nearly 2,000 entries from 100 clubs racing throughout the day on 126 Concept2 Model D ergs.

The Sprints director knew that he wanted to leverage web and social media to reach a broader audience and create lots of buzz. Their website incorporates engaging photos, integrates social media feeds, and takes advantage of Google forms to collect volunteer and other data.

In addition to helping develop this new Erg Sprints website, I also participated in the event. As a rower with 15 years of experience, I trained for – and completed – the erg half marathon. Want to read more? Check out my blog post about it on and find out what it was like to go up against an Olympian.