Washington Pediatric Therapy specializes in providing therapy services to children from birth to seven years of age. When the owner contacted Sport Creative she said “My business is doing great so I don’t need a brand overhaul to bring in new patients, but I want my logo and website to match the professional services I provide.” Music to my ears. She understands the importance of strong branding to communicate a message to current patient families as well as potential clients.

As a kid, I was fortunate enough to spend a fair amount of time in doctor’s offices and operating rooms, so I felt like I had an insider’s perspective on being a kid who requires professional medical services. Washington Pediatric Therapy’s logo needed to appeal to parents, but also make the young patients feel comfortable – a marketing magnet on the fridge from WPT should help make the prospect of a home visit from a therapist seem like fun! And so the playful child logo emerged.